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Grief counselling BC after the loss of a loved one and through life’s transitions

Grief Counselling BC:

After the Loss of a Loved One

One of the hardest times in our lives is when we experience grief and loss at the end of life such as a loved one’s passing.  This could be the loss of pets, loss of parents, loss of a child or children, even the loss of a colleague or neighbor.

This time in your life can feel overwhelming and create great sadness.  Together, we’ll look at the grief and loss processes.  We’ll chat about ways to cope through the significant anniversaries.  And we’ll talk about how to manage the big emotions you are feeling every step of the way while you adjust to your new normal.

Essentially, our space will become part of your support network.  And let’s face it… we all need a good support network in times of need.

Dealing with Life’s Changes and Transitions With Grief Counselling BC

Grief and loss isn’t just about losing someone, right?


We also experience grief during transitions in life. There’s grief and loss in giving up an addiction, changing careers, divorce/separation. There’s even a component of grief during happy times, like when graduating high school (for both child and parents).

In fact, there are many things in life that have grief components to them because of the transition.  For example:  when you graduate from school, there’s that whole component around friends that you’ve bonded with going separate ways and how to deal with that.

Even though it’s an exciting time, there’s that component of grief and loss that goes with it too. Say you’re retiring or changing jobs; you should be happy. Or you’re graduating; that’s exciting. Perhaps you’re going to university and that’s wonderful…

But it becomes a disenfranchised grief that people don’t recognize and don’t talk about. And I think it’s important to do that because that way you’re going into this new and better part of your life in a much more grounded space, acknowledging all of those sides of you.

Unrecognised Grief That You May Want to Use Grief Counselling BC for…

Grief can also occur when people are having a new baby and afterward, when they have a bit of postpartum or there’s some sadness there. And sometimes there is some grief for a life of freedom. It could also happen when you have to move away from a friendship you’ve built with someone.  Or when as a renter you are at the mercy of whoever owns the property you live in and you have to move from that comfortable space.

Another example is within addiction where there’s the disappointment and the cycle of addiction and relapse. There’s grief and sadness every time you have to go through that.

You see… the grief and loss component isn’t just about end of life or death. It’s around us everywhere.

So, if you are going through a transition and feeling uncomfortable about it but can’t really put your finger on why… If you are asking yourself:

“Why is this transition so hard?”

“Why is this change so hard?”

That’s okay.  It’s a natural part of a process we can address together.  Together we’ll look at what’s troubling you in a way that doesn’t rush you through a “process”.  We can talk about ways to acknowledge and honor your grief, as well as strategies to both cope and thrive so you can move forward with confidence, at your own pace.

Here at Grace Extended we want to be able to address grief and loss in all life transitions and wherever it occurs


I’ll help you discover gentle strategies to take care of yourself mentally and emotionally


Feeling sad is okay. In fact… it is perfectly normal. And we’ll work through it together


Supporting you to find balance while dealing with each new stage of the grief and loss process

Let’s see if we are the right fit.

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